Cosmical Fan 
Fan Technology, Cosmic Randomness

The ubiquitous fan, a crucial appliance in a tropical city, often provides an all too perfect version of its own purpose for relief from the heat.

Generally, moving air from fans are a type of constant, mostly determined through a selection of 'speed', or sometimes with a pseudo pre-determined 'natural pattern'. The authentic experience of the tropical weather is thus easily diluted in the name of utility.

With 'Cosmical Fan', the moving air as a respectful, well-balanced tropical experience is realised when a geiger counter detects naturally-occuring radiation in our atmosphere. It provides a constantly unprecedented experience of moving air determined by a sequence of random events in the universe.  No longer are such an ever-present appliance an expected, constant and predictable affair.

'Cosmical Fan', by using true randomness to curate functionality, is a genuinely natural fan that sustainably enhances our tropical experience of functional home electronics.

* Exhibited at DSG Play at The National Design Centre